Cortona On The Move

Now in its seventh edition, the international festival of photography Cortona On The Move will host many protagonists of international photography, from the great masters to young talents, in a busy schedule of exhibitions, events program, portfolio reviews with renowned experts and a series of new initiatives.

The exhibitions and events will enliven the old town of Cortona, the Tuscan town crossroads of art and culture, turning it into a big stage in contemporary photography.

In the embrace of the ancient walls and the evocative atmosphere of unique locations, open to the public during the festival, visitors will be able to lay eyes on so many pictures and reflect on the present discovering something more about the world around them, and probably something of themselves.


Cortona On The Move is an international festival of photography which surveys the world for new visions and concepts, from its privileged position in the ancient Tuscan hills, famous for their artistic and cultural tradition.

Life is movement, and photography must portray this endless transformation. Just like with any language and its grammar, photography should continually evolve with the times in order to remain a universally accessible lingua franca, tasked to inform, document, create, provoke, inspire and amaze us.

Always mindful of cultural traditions, Cortona On The move was conceived for the purpose of pushing experimental concepts into the future and promoting the language of contemporary photography while, at the same time, encouraging flexibility in the enterpretation of its codes and its content.

It was this contemplation of eternal movement that inspired our “On The Move” idea. The basic principle of seeking, looking, asking and listening, eyes constantly open to this ever unpredictable world, while savouring the joys, the amazement and the pains of this intense observation.

Cortona On The Move seeks to be a dynamic showcase for contemporary photography, for visual storytellers, for lovers of knowledge and for anyone looking for excitement. A public arena for the voices and viewpoints which open our minds, telling us stories that transform us and stimulate our reflection.

Link: Cortona on The Move

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